Pergo: Floors That Don’t Judge

The Challenge

Develop a digitally-focused brand campaign that raises brand awareness among Pergo’s target audience, aligns with independent retail campaigns, and shifts the focus from product attributes to customer lifestyle messaging to increase brand equity.

The Insight:
Few things are as closely tied to our identity as our homes. They represent how we view ourselves and how we want others to view us. A new floor is an essential palette for personalizing the home. It’s the first feature guests see, and your best chance at making a first impression. You can make personalized interior improvements without a new floor, but the floor is the foundation for building our identity at home.

Our Solution

Our brand campaign for 2018 gave Pergo floors a voice; a voice that accepts you for who you are and wants you to live life as you see fit. Pergo has the durability to never show evidence of all the crazy individualistic things you do. One thing’s for certain: Pergo floors don’t judge you. We used a popular social media sentiment, “not judging,” and applied it to Pergo flooring, i.e., “Floors That Don’t Judge.”

Landing Pages

Built within HubSpot, the brand campaign landing page told the story of Pergo flooring in terms that would be relevant to the lives of our audience. Using playful photography of families being themselves and truly living on their floors, we established a worry-free tone that would provide confidence to potential Pergo customers. The landing page featured the campaign videos, information about the benefits of owning a Pergo floor, as well as lead generation opportunities via a free sample order and flooring-personality quiz.

Digital and Social Ads

Native assets for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest were created to bring the campaign to life online. Like the videos, the ads were developed to be fast and quickly make the case for Pergo being the most durable and stylish floor you could buy. The online engagement was high, with many users sharing their own ‘not judging’ flooring stories in the comments.

Brand campaign banners featured scenes from the videos along with a handwritten note from Pergo.


Brand campaign emails were also developed in HubSpot and sent out to leads to further them on their path to purchase.

Sample Orders

As part of the brand campaign, we updated Pergo’s sample order packaging to incorporate the campaign voice. The box exterior had a wood texture to build excitement when the customer first received their package. Interior box panels included fun instructional copy.

The sample box included a “handwritten” letter from Pergo tying back to the campaign and reinforcing the brand’s unique selling proposition as they evaluate the sample within their home.

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