First Entertainment: Brand Refresh

The Challenge

First Entertainment was looking for a brand refresh that better expressed their member base: The creative, vibrant, and talented people who work in L.A.’s Entertainment industry. Focus groups described First Entertainment’s current logo as dated, boring, and not standing for anything. Our goal was to create a logo and brand that was emotional, creative and expressed what First Entertainment stood for, while still feeling professional and secure for a credit union.

The Logo

The result was a logo that incorporates two intersecting spotlights, to create an abstracted star. The spotlights represent the focus First Entertainment puts on their members and their stories. Each spotlight represents a specific audience: Members and SEGs (Select Employer Group).

The Tagline

The tagline, “Your story matters.” emphasizes that every member has a unique story and that First Entertainment is an understanding partner that works to help members reach highly individual goals.

Print Collateral

We developed internal collateral for First Entertainment, including sub-brand versions of letterheads, business cards, etc.


We created a custom 300+ photo and video clip library for First Entertainment to use throughout all their marketing materials for the first year after brand launch. Our goal what to give them photographer-worthy shots that didn’t feel like they came from a generic stock library. But rather, felt unique to Hollywood and the industry. All models used were real industry professionals, featured in their real day-to-day scenarios.

Campaign Materials

In preparation for the launch of the brand, we developed layouts and concept ads for their big brand campaign, targeted at both Members and Prospects.

Style Guide

The style guide was created to speak to anyone, and everyone who touched the brand, including all employees at First Entertainment.

The Results

First Entertainment asked us to present their new brand direction at their big All-Staff event. This included not only presenting the new look and feel, but also a new brand architecture, and explain how employees would be expected to live the brand internally and externally. “Your story matters.” is now an integral part of the First Entertainment’s culture.

Employees at First Entertainment are thrilled to have a new brand they can feel proud of and one that feels representative of what they bring to the Entertainment community of Los Angeles.

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