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Advertising is a valuable tool for brands interested in building consumer value and expanding market share. It doesn’t matter whether you are a challenger brand or a market leader, the fact is that consumers are overwhelmed by more information than they can process. It’s our job to understand what resonates with potential consumers and cut through the noise.


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We pride ourselves in understanding the consumer journey and identifying what role advertising will play in the audiences’ lives. Your advertising strategy should be insightful, inspiring, and grounded in a consumer truth. If the creative is rooted in a strong strategic idea, developed with the customer in mind, your campaign will be successful.

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Creative Concepting

Our creative process is more effective than other agencies because it does not exist in a silo. Creative begins collaborating with the strategy team before we even write the brief and continues throughout the entire relationship. This leads to a concepting process that is focused on results.
After all, our creative work doesn’t just need to stand out, but it has to WORK.

Campaign Execution

From concept through completion, our in-house creative team consists of Copywriters, Art Directors, Designers, Developers, and Video Editors. Each role is skilled in digital advertising, as well as print, radio, television, and outdoor, so we’re able to consider the best advertising approach for your audience.

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Media Planning and Buying

At many agencies, media is an afterthought and plans are developed without an understanding of exactly where the advertising will be running, leading to missed opportunities and wasted budget. At Mighty Roar, we think more holistically about media and believe it should be part of the creative process to help influence and enhance your advertising.

Measurement & Optimization

First, we identify the measurable goals that will help move your business forward. Tracking these throughout the campaign will not only help ensure that our strategy and creative is on target, but that we’re able to optimize the advertising campaign so that it’s working hard for you.

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