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Our branding work stems from a belief that a brand is more than a logo. We help clients build and maintain innovative and award-winning brands by understanding the audience, their needs, and what role the brand plays in their lives. These insights serve as the foundation to ensure your company’s new image resonates with customers, prospects, and employees.


Your Brand Is Only as Good as What Goes into It

At the core of our process is the consumer decision journey. Through a collaborative exercise with our clients, we map the unique path and needs of their audience. This process provides us with a holistic view of market and industry trends, as well as the practical application of segmentation and customer personas.

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Logo Development

Making Impressions as Small as a 1/4 of an Inch

Your logo serves as the primary visual cue between your audience and your brand, so it’s critical that it makes a lasting impression. We begin our logo design work with an analytical approach that identifies opportunities among your competition and areas of strength within the industry. By putting in the work up front, we’re able to deliver unique and meaningful logo treatments.

Brand Guidelines

Design Without Guidelines Is Wasted Money

We work closely with our clients to develop brand guidelines that are simple to follow and relatable to everyone that will touch the brand. Our brand guideline documents explicitly set out the acceptable color choices, fonts, design, and usage for printed and digital applications. Furthermore, they go beyond merely how the brand works and help tell the story of why the brand works.

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Voice and Tone

How You Say It Is as Important as What You Say

Like a person, a brand’s voice is a combination of unique personality and word choice. It never changes, unlike tone. A brand’s tone can change depending on the medium or context. For example, an uplifting Instagram post will sound different than an informative FAQ page. By adjusting tone and staying true to the brand voice, a brand can speak consistently with different audiences (e.g., prospects, customers, employees, CEOs, etc.) in any space.


In the Era of “Unboxing” Videos, Your Packaging Matters More Than Ever

Keeping the user experience top of mind, we develop eye-catching packaging that aligns with the customer’s journey. The goal is to deliver a unique brand experience in a meaningful way that will motivate people to share.

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Branding Workshops

An Immersive Approach to Strengthen Your Brand

Mighty Roar has developed a unique framework that guides key company stakeholders through a discovery process enabling them to identify their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities as a brand. Our workshops encourage participants to interact and engage with your brand and marketing strategy in ways they have never done before. The end result is actionable next steps and takeaways that can be put to use immediately to improve your brand and better connect with your employees and customers.

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